Trumbull Creek Creations

Trumbull Creek, a small but mighty rushing creek that flows through my property in Northwest Montana providing wild animals, the horses I pasture there, and myself with precious water.  It’s here that I spend time and  find myself in the perfect setting as a designer for constant inspiration.  In my studio here I work on projects other than jewelery as well, normally from wood (I have an abundant amount of unique reclaimed wood from building my studio here), and other objects found in nature some of which are posted below. Commissioned pieces  are available upon request.





I swore I’d never design/make a river rock shower again, but I did another after this one…takes forever !



This was a rotted out gardening bench I found on my property, after a month of restoring, sanding, staining, varnishing, and sore muscles !




Finally finished the guest bathroom, the walls are reclaimed fir left over from the soffits





I removed the layers of cowboy hats for the photo




Little Picture Frame



Rustic TP Holder



I utilized these antique faucets to make this towel rack, I so wanted to use them for my sink but they weren’t practical for plumbing



Rough-sawn coffee table in work/guest room. Very simple but came out great



Bench outside the studio again, different angle



Cedar Wood Barn/Studio in Montana

The studio in 2015, now the long anticipated sliding doors are finally on, have to update this photo