“It truly was a great experience taking your class.  Although it’s still going to be a huge learning curve to master Rhino, I feel you have given me the tools and understanding of the program to brave it on my own.  I especially appreciate the class focusing on Rhino for jewelry and you sharing your experience with us. ”

–Anna Chan, Level I  NYC Oct. 2012

“There was a tremendous amount of information to cover in the Rhino program.  While in the beginning I felt completely overwhelmed, by the end of day two I actually felt comfortable.  While appreciating it is a never ending process of utilizing the tools of the program, I appreciate the great information.  The amount of information you covered in 4 days was impressive.  The patience and depth of knowledge you shared made it an enjoyable and extremely informative class.   I know you were challenged by  the fact that I work in a field completely foreign to your experience.  By the end of the class I felt I took away as much information and skills as everyone else in the class that was applicable to my needs.   I feel the Rhino program will be extremely helpful in my career and business.   Thank you for the information and guidance.   I would recommend or take courses from you in the future.”

– Wade Wesson, Director of Design, Dazian, Creative Fabric Environments     Level I   NYC  Oct. 2012    www.dazian.com

“If you need to advance in your Rhino skills then Lauren is the teacher for you! I took her advanced, intensive Rhino class and could have not learned this much on my own in a few days. She explained many different ways to do a drawing using different approaches and tools. Laruen encouraged working on our own projects and went through all the troubleshooting steps when something didn’t come out right. She definitely knows her “stuff” and will work one-on-one in the class with you too. I heard she’s a great teacher for beginners too and would recommend her for any level.”
 – Christine Leitner, Level II NYC Oct. 2012    Christine Leitner IDSA    www.christineleitner.com
“I am a CAD apprentice in jewelry manufacturing and I attended both Level I and Level II Rhino classes with Lauren in 2012. I would highly recommend her as an instructor. Her knowledge of the program and of design is extensive which gives her the ability to relate her Rhino instruction to any industry. Each four day Rhino intensive has an overwhelming amount of content, but Lauren is very patient and makes sure each student grasps the material before moving forward. She also encourages her students to bring individual projects to class which made the material more practical for our individual design needs. Lauren also tries to keep in touch with her students and track their progress. I’ve also worked with Lauren as a tutor to refresh and to reiterate the material because the Rhino learning process never ends. Thanks again Lauren!”

-Kendra Koneski, Level I & Level II NYC 2012  diamondcoachkkc@gmail.com

“Taking your class was one of the best things I did to move ahead with rhino.  Not a daily user, and I use it quite a bit, and find myself referring back to notes from our class. I tend to think I can learn things on my own, not with rhino – what a difference your class made.”  -Andrea Carnahan, Level II Sarasota, FL Feb. 2012  www.motorheadcustomemblems.com

“I had been trying to learn Rhino on my own, and attended one of Lauren’s classes last year… it made a world of difference in understanding the program and giving me a great foundation to work from.”
-Andrea Carnahan, Level II Sarasota, FL February 2012  www.MotorHeadJewelry.com

“I had come to the point where I understood the basics of Rhino but still couldn’t make the program do what I wanted. Lauren’s class helped me to transition from that plateau into a more advanced level.  I recommend it without reservation!”

-Maia Merav Holtzman, Level II  NYC  Feb. 2011   www.maiameravholtzman.com    www.coroflot.com/maiameravholtzmanjewelry

“I took Lauren’s Level 1 Rhino course in May, 2009.  I found Lauren to be enthusiastic about the course material and attentive to all of the students’ needs in the class.  She was generous with her time and individual help, and was available for questions outside of the class as well.  Following her class, I felt far less scared of tackling Rhino, and, in fact, went on to win a 2nd Place Award in the 2009 George A. Schuetz Contest for my CAD-rendered Dog Tags with Hidden Pico Drive.  I wouldn’t have even dreamed of entering a competition with a CAD design if it hadn’t been for Lauren’s course!”
– Joana Miranda, Level I NYC May 2009  www.atalentfordesign.com

“I took my first steps in learning Rhino in 2007. Where? FIT, at that time Lauren was instrumental in setting up the workshop programs and assisted in the workshop I participated in. Practiced a bit, played more in 2009, other priorities came my way. Rhino 5 was introduced the end of 2012, time now allowed me to get back to learning, I ordered Rhino 5, contacted Lauren to find out she had scheduled some workshops in NYC, yes, in March, perfect! Lauren’s extensive background in jewelry design, manufacturing and teaching made the flow the workshop took of concentrating on the essential commands, which was so helpful in creating a solid foundation to begin to create a broad scope of products. I learned to play, experiment and most of all continue to practice.

–Pamela Proctor, Level II NYC March 2013  http://www.pamelaparkproctor.com

I am a jewelry designer and maker. I started working with CAD about 3 years ago. I used bonsai 3D for a few months and then took a class in Rhino and Rhino Gold for jewelry. Since then, I have worked a fair bit creating sculptural and architectural pieces but plateaued in my understanding of tools and how to make the more complex designs I had swirling around in my head.
I searched in San Francisco (where I live) for a Rhino for Jewelry course and compared what I found with the description for Lauren’s class and decided to make the trip up east. I’m so glad I did! The class was fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to build their skills and understanding of this complex program.
I think consistent work with Rhino is necessary to build up your skills and a class like Lauren’s every now and again means you keep pushing yourself to get even better. I did a lot of learning in a very short period of time and was really pleased with myself, the class, and my progress.
I could not recommend it more highly. Lauren is knowledgeable and personable and a fantastic teacher.
There were only 3 in my class. It was intimate and so nice to get so much 1 on 1 help! I’m really excited to keep working on my Rhino skills.
I will definitely be back to take another class with Lauren sometime in the future… maybe with a few friends.
-Christina Elleni , Level II NYC March 2013    www.christinaelleni.com
Testimonial blog:
– Lauren Bergman, Level I Whitefish, MT July 2011, Level II Sarasota, FL Feb. 2012   www.arocurtu.com