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Slide Show: Design Competitions, Awards, Editorials

World Gold Council– One of ten designers selected to develop concepts, designs, and specification renderings for the
WGC’s worldwide promotion and advertising Campaign: “The Global Product Initiative Program” 2003

WJA Diva Award – Second Place, Las Vegas,NV 1998

MJSA American Vision Award – Honorable Mention, Professional Category, NY, NY 1998

PlatinumGuild Intl. Award Japan– Platinum Design of the Year, Finalist, Tokyo, Japan – 1995

Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants – Brooch designs chosen for pageant winners, 1994-1997

DeBeers Diamonds Today Award – Two winning pieces, NY, NY, 1993

DeBeers Diamonds-International Award – Toyko, Japan, Winner, 1992

JA Jewel Award -Finalist, NY, NY, three awards 1992, one award 1993

Modern Jewelers Buyer’s Choice Award – Finalist, NY, NY, 1992

Platinum Celebration International Design Competition – Finalist, NY, NY, 1992

Comitê Colbert Intl. Design Competition – Mellerio dits Meller,First Place,Paris,France, 1989

Avon Design Contest – First Place, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, NY, 1988

Golden Circle Award -Winner, Fashion Inst. of Technology Academic Scholarship, NY, NY, 1988

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